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  • 7/21/16 10:36 am EDT

    If you’re new to virtual bidding it can be frustrating to find yourself repeatedly outbid in the dying seconds of the auction. We asked one site, Invaluable, to get their editors to share their advice on how to bid and beat the competition. Read More

  • 7/6/16 3:06 pm EDT

    “We are at our happiest when we’re on the hunt for something,” the designer says of his relationship. “We’re constantly poring over books and magazines looking for inspiration for the apartment, spending Saturday mornings on Invaluable [an online gallery and auction site], and going to antique stores and fairs all over the East Coast.”  Read More

  • 6/29/16 3:12 pm EDT

    A three-day auction of iconic Hollywood costumes and props, including Prince’s Purple Rain motorcycle jacket, Lucille Ball’s polka dot dress, Superman’s cape, a Star Wars X-Wing model and more, may have fans digging deep to own a piece of history. Read More

  • 6/10/16 3:48 pm EDT

    There’s a lot of action online. Big auction houses, such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, now live-stream their auctions online. Online auction houses, such as Auctionata, Hihey, and Paddle8, have emerged, and Websites such as Liveauctioneers, Invaluable, and ATG Media’s The Salesroom aggregate auction sales. Read More

  • 5/13/16 11:57 am EDT

    The art market is changing, and social media has become the primary way consumers discover art, according to a study commissioned by Invaluable. The survey found that nearly a quarter (22.7%) of art buyers find new works of art via social media, which edged out museums (20%) and galleries (15.9%). Read More

  • 5/6/16 11:03 am EDT

    “While our parents would go to museums or art fairs to discover new art, today’s generation is turning to Instagram and Pinterest — and purchases are more often happening via iPhone or iPad than they are in person,” says Rob Weisberg, chief executive of Invaluable, an online marketplace for fine art, antiques and collectibles. Read More

  • 5/4/16 11:05 am EDT

    Hunger Games fanatics will soon have a chance to score some on-set mementos. Lionsgate, the films’ distributor, is partnering with and Profiles in History to auction off 449 authentic costumes, props, and set pieces from the franchise’s four films. Read More

  • 4/25/16 12:01 pm EDT

    Phillips is also pioneering a new online bidding system, paired with online auction house Launching today at their 'Evening and Day Exhibitions' sale in New York, the scheme allows Invaluable buyers from over 200 countries to access real-time bids in Phillips’ upcoming sales. Read More

  • 4/21/16 9:09 am EDT

    Traditional auction houses are facing stiff competition from online companies such as Auctionata and Paddle8, which more than doubled sales last year. Invaluable, the auction aggregator that recently launched fixed-price sales (rather than the live “bid now” model) increased its online sales by 60%. Read More

  • 4/15/16 3:44 pm EDT

    The findings are significant not just because Americans drop an estimated $150 billion on arts and entertainment each year, but because it suggests that millennial buyers seem far more comfortable buying art online as opposed to the staid and starchy world of galleries and auction houses. Read More