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  • 4/14/16 3:54 pm EDT

    “American Attitudes Toward Art," a study conducted by online art marketplace Invaluable, claims it's the first time more US consumers are seeing art on social media rather than in museums. In fact, 22.7 percent of US consumers on aggregate cite image-driven platforms as their primary method of finding new work. Read More

  • 4/12/16 10:51 am EDT

    I’m proud to be born somewhere in-between the Baby Boomers and the Millennials. I believe they call it the generation X. Based on statistics from the hot of the press report ‘American Attitudes Towards Art’ carried out by Invaluable, it looks like I have benefited from the social habits of both worlds. Read More

  • 3/14/16 1:57 pm EDT

    Thought the art world was stuck in a past century? So did most of the world. That is, until Invaluable came along. The online art marketplace is bringing the rather antiquated notion of art auction houses into the 21st century, and now, the platform is allowing dealers, galleries, and auction houses alike to sell in the same space. Read More

  • 3/9/16 6:16 pm EST

    Invaluable, the online auction marketplace recently described by Art+Auction magazine as “sweeping through the industry,” introduced a “Buy Now” feature on its website on Wednesday, upping the ante yet again by adding primary-market galleries and dealers to its 4,000 auction-house partners in 52 countries. Read More

  • 2/29/16 11:21 am EST

    Invaluable, which was founded in 1989 as the database company Artfact and then repurposed into its current form in 2009, is in essence an online portal: Collectors search for, say, Andy Warhol prints, and the site will display upcoming lots from more than 4,000 brick-and-mortar and online auction houses. Read More

  • 2/29/16 10:38 am EST

    James Tarmy has an interesting data point on Bloomberg this morning. He got the Invaluable folks to give up some data on the market for Chinese art and works of art from their array of sales. Read More

  • 2/9/16 10:18 am EST

    See how one app is disrupting the world of high-end auctions with an interview from Rob Weisberg, Invaluable CEO, on NECN's "This Week in Business". Watch

  • 1/22/16 10:31 am EST

    It may be broken Feb. 5 in Paris when the bidding opens on an Artcurial Motorcars auction of a 1957 Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti. The car bears an estimated sale price of $34.745 million. Also on the block, which will include online bidding handled by, are more than 100 other vintage and modern classic cars. Read More

  • 12/29/15 9:29 am EST

    Since joining Invaluable in 2012, CEO Weisberg has overseen one of the most fundamental shifts in the business models for small and midsize auction houses, granting them access to a global pool of bidders attracted by the large number of offerings aggregated from diverse houses. Read More

  • 11/26/15 3:43 pm EST

    The online world of antiques has boomed in the last year with the addition today of the new LAPADA online marketplace. With more dealers are turning to Instagram and more auctions than ever online, we round up the best places to start your cyber antiques hunt. Read More