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  • 9/23/16 6:02 am EDT

    Now, the 60-year-old Mr. Ruprecht will become chairman of the advisory board of Invaluable, a privately held online art venture based in Boston that for the past seven years has used a modified electronic-trading platform to facilitate online bids in auctions. Read More

  • 9/15/16 9:13 am EDT

    We spoke to Rob Weisberg, CEO of Invaluable, a top online marketplace for fine art, antiques, and collectibles from the world's most prestigious auction houses, galleries, and dealers. As an expert in the field, Rob gave us some invaluable tips on the basics of online art shopping you need to know to set your yourself and your budding gallery up for success. Read More

  • 9/8/16 10:56 am EDT

    Since joining Invaluable in 2012, Weisberg has overseen the company as it sweeps through the auction industry, bringing international houses large and small onto its online platform. With next-generation technology, Invaluable is driving an evolution in the traditional model. Read More

  • 9/7/16 5:52 pm EDT

    More people in the U.S. now “discover” art through the social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest than they do by visiting galleries, according to a survey published earlier this year by the art market site Invaluable, and nearly half of those aged 18 to 24 find new artists via social media. Read More

  • 8/3/16 10:12 am EDT

    A guitar Elvis Presley used frequently in the Sixties, the King's 1935 birth document and his custom-made karate outfit are among the nearly 200 unique items that hit the block August 13th as part of's Auction at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Read More

  • 7/21/16 10:36 am EDT

    If you’re new to virtual bidding it can be frustrating to find yourself repeatedly outbid in the dying seconds of the auction. We asked one site, Invaluable, to get their editors to share their advice on how to bid and beat the competition. Read More

  • 7/6/16 3:06 pm EDT

    “We are at our happiest when we’re on the hunt for something,” the designer says of his relationship. “We’re constantly poring over books and magazines looking for inspiration for the apartment, spending Saturday mornings on Invaluable [an online gallery and auction site], and going to antique stores and fairs all over the East Coast.”  Read More

  • 6/29/16 3:12 pm EDT

    A three-day auction of iconic Hollywood costumes and props, including Prince’s Purple Rain motorcycle jacket, Lucille Ball’s polka dot dress, Superman’s cape, a Star Wars X-Wing model and more, may have fans digging deep to own a piece of history. Read More

  • 6/10/16 3:48 pm EDT

    There’s a lot of action online. Big auction houses, such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, now live-stream their auctions online. Online auction houses, such as Auctionata, Hihey, and Paddle8, have emerged, and Websites such as Liveauctioneers, Invaluable, and ATG Media’s The Salesroom aggregate auction sales. Read More

  • 5/13/16 11:57 am EDT

    The art market is changing, and social media has become the primary way consumers discover art, according to a study commissioned by Invaluable. The survey found that nearly a quarter (22.7%) of art buyers find new works of art via social media, which edged out museums (20%) and galleries (15.9%). Read More